How can I apply?

Ans: Download our application form, fill it and submit along with evidence like videos, photos and newspaper articles that tells about your record claim.

What are the conditions for the record to get approved?

Ans: Record Guidelines are to be strictly followed. We accept applications that are completely filled and the records that follow the guidelines.

What is the evidences?

Ans: Evidences are nothing but proof of the record attempt, like videos, photos, log book, witness document etc.

Are there any processing charges?

Ans: Yes, our registration fee details are mentioned on the application.

How many days does it takes to deliver my certificate?

Ans: It depends on the type of service you select.

Are there any terms and conditions for live event?

Ans: Yes, we don’t participate with any other record organizations.

What is the cost of Live Event?

Ans: The cost of live events are mentioned on our application form.

Sir I have a financial problem, can I get a free softcopy certificate?

Ans: Yes, but income proof documents issued by MRO, has to be submitted and only

Softcopy certificates will only be issued and the waiting period is 6 months to 1 year.

Is your organization registered/ Authentic?

Ans: Yes, We are registered Company under India Companies Act.

Why you are charging for Certification when other organizations don’t?

Ans: The registration fee that we collect is for the service provided for you and it takes lot of efforts and manpower.

Do you provide Doctorates?

Ans: No, doctorates must be issued by UGC or any organization registered by Education Department, its free of cost.

Is there any validity for my application?

Ans: 20 days from the date when it was applied.

Does email confirmation of record is final?

Ans: No

Do You Publish Book?

Ans: Yes, we publish our book biannually.